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What Microcement means?

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What Microcement means?

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Qué significa microcemento

Microcement is not a product, but a concept with some defined characteristics. It’s a decorative coating without joints, applicable over any surface. 

There is an idea that comes from lack of knowledge of the product that all the microcement on the market is the same and that is a mistaken idea. Just as any other product (wood, ceramics, cements, cars, aluminum, watches….) there is a large variety of qualities on the microcement world and obviously a large variety of prices.

The thickness of the applications goes between 2 and 3 mm. And its compound of several layers all of them necessary to obtain the technical and aesthetics characteristics and a good microcement must have. 

The complete application consists of a first layer of Primer that will guarantee the adherence of the microcement with the surface over the time. Subsequently a Microcement base is applied to give the form and strength to the microcement and then the Thin Microcement that obtains the smooth and aesthetic finishing. 

To complete the application a layer of pore sealer is use and finally the Polyurethane to seal and create the waterproof finishing.  

As important as the quality of the product is the application process, to ensure high quality works, aesthetics as well as on the service.  This the reason the applications of these products must be done by professionals or companies that have been properly train on these products.